Beacon Street Design Now Being Implemented

In December 2017 the City of Boston began making changes to Beacon Street to improve safety for people walking, biking and driving.  The City hopes to complete the striping changes the second week of December (beginning between Arlington and Berkeley Streets and then proceeding block-by-block west down Beacon Street).  Changes on Dartmouth Street approaching Beacon Street will likely need to wait until the spring, while signal changes and signs will take place through the winter months as the updat

Welcome News about the Proposed Private Club at Haddon Hall

On January 5, 2018, we were informed that the lawyer for the owner of Haddon Hall  sent a letter to the Zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA) withdrawing its application to convert Haddon Hall to a private, for-profit club.  The application was to have been heard by the ZBA on Tuesday, January 9th.

New Groundwater Well Caps Make Their Appearance in Back Bay

Good News!

Back Bay / South End Gateway Project

The Boston Redevelopment Authority is hosting two public meetings for the proposed large project / PDA (Planned Development Area) known as Back Bay/South End Gateway, which will be located above the Back Bay MBTA Station and the 100 Clarendon Street Garage.  The overall project includes a 26-story office building on the western portion of the garage site facing Dartmouth Street, 28-story and 34-story residential buildings along Clarendon Street, and additional retail space adjacent to, and possibly over, the station its

Back Bay: Fifty Years of Preservation and Progress

Discover what NABB is all about by going to the NABB YouTube channel and watching the three-part video series celebrating NABB's recent 50th anniversary.

Back Bay:  Fifty Years of Preservation and Progress

Take the GREEN Pledge

Did you know that you can switch and use electricity generated by a renewable energy supplier that uses wind, solar and even "cow power," helping to replace the need for dirty fossil fuels and earning tax deductions at the same time?

                                   Cow Power

The Need to Fix Gas Leaks in the Back Bay

According to the Massachusetts Chapter of the Sierra Club, Massachusetts has one of the nation's oldest natural gas pipeline systems, and it is showing its age.

Rising Tides in the Back Bay Presentations

On March 19, 2014, NABB hosted a neighborhood forum on "Rising Tides in the Back Bay:  Increasing Resiliency and Preparedness Post-Sandy."  Click here to see the presentations that were given at the forum and a resource guide.

Green Committee Shares Neighbors' Stories of How They are Greening the City

The Green Committee is sharing neighbors' stories of how they are greening the city.  Click here to see how easily you can make a difference in the greening of our city and the world, and send us your stories as well so that all of us can make a difference!  Remember, every contribution counts, and every story should be told.