Calendar of Events for Preservation Month in May 2014

Click here to see all of the events that are taking place in the Back Bay during Preservation Month in May 2014.

Rising Tides in the Back Bay Presentations

On March 19, 2014, NABB hosted a neighborhood forum on "Rising Tides in the Back Bay:  Increasing Resiliency and Preparedness Post-Sandy."  Click here to see the presentations that were given at the forum and a resource guide.

Take a Green Pledge to Help Save the Earth and Win Exciting Prizes

 The Green Committee invites you to make some GREEN improvements in your life before Earth Day 2014. Join NABB’s 2014 GREEN Challenge and be entered in a drawing to win one of several gift certificates to Back Bay restaurants or other exciting prizes. Fill out a quick Carbon Footprint survey online and you'll be on your way to saving money, helping the planet and potentially winning a great prize. Save energy and the planet with easy, no-cost sustainability actions. Do your part to honor Earth Week, our neighborhood, and Mother Earth.

Green Committee Shares Neighbors' Stories of How They are Greening the City

The Green Committee is sharing neighbors' stories of how they are greening the city.  Click here to see how easily you can make a difference in the greening of our city and the world, and send us your stories as well so that all of us can make a difference!  Remember, every contribution counts, and every story should be told.

Use Citizens Connect to Request Vital City Services!

Stroll down beautiful high-end retail destination Newbury Street or Boylston Street, and you are likely to see evidence of a long-term problem that has bedeviled the Graffiti NABBers for nearly six years:  street fixtures that are defaced with graffiti, stickers, stencils, flyers, posters, expired signage, tape, string, wire, and gum.  This illegal vandalism makes even a beautiful part of the city look like a blighted area.